Open Identity Tree

Revolutionizing Identity Verification with Open Identity:
A Distributed Decentralized Approach

In the digital age, safeguarding identity is paramount, and Open Identity is at the forefront of revolutionizing identity verification through a distributed system beginning with block chain technology. This innovative approach ensures a decentralized, secure, and efficient method to manage identities across various sectors.

Introduction to Open Identity

Open Identity leverages a distributed identity system, allowing for the creation of a secure, transparent, and interoperable framework for identity verification. By using decentralized technology, Open Identity ensures that identity data is not centrally stored, reducing the risk of data breaches while maintaining privacy and control in the hands of the users.

Comprehensive Verification Across Sectors

The application of Open Identity spans individuals, legal entities such as companies and non-profits, and extends to fixed assets and machinery. This broad applicability ensures that all facets of identity, whether personal, corporate, or asset-related, are securely verified and easily accessible. This is crucial for sectors that rely heavily on identity verification, such as finance, healthcare, and government services, where KYC and AML protocols are vital.

Enhanced Security and Immediate Implementation

Open Identity integrates seamlessly with existing security measures, enhancing traditional systems. with an attestation-backed layer of verification. This approach not only improves security but also offers ease of implementation, requiring no new hardware or software for deployment. Merchants and institutions can adopt this system globally with minimal disruption, instantly enhancing their fraud prevention measures.

Building a Cooperative Ecosystem

As a distributed identity system, Open Identity fosters a cooperative ecosystem where users and organizations can interact with trust and transparency. The system supports a variety of attestations, from birth certificates to bio-authentication data, making it a versatile tool for identity verification. Furthermore, Open Identity’s ecosystem encourages participation and innovation, paving the way for new applications that harness its robust verification capabilities.

The Future of Identity Verification

Open Identity is setting a new standard for identity verification through its distributed, attestation-based system. Its comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly approach promises to transform how identities are verified and managed in the digital era.

Our portfolio also includes higher-level patents covering areas such as bio- authentication, card processing, and beyond.